Exploring Eddy Mann’s Latest Release, ‘Hallelujah’


Eddy Mann, a talented singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, has a new song called “Hallelujah.” It’s part of his latest album, “Chapel Songs,” and it comes after his previous hit, “Hope of the World,” which made it to the #1 spot on the UK iTunes chart.

In “Hallelujah” Mann took inspiration from the book of Revelation and is all about praising and worshiping God.  Eddy Mann acknowledges the incredible glory and power of God in the song.

Eddy Mann

“Hallelujah” is a song that can make you feel happy and inspired. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a moment of peace in their day. The song is really honest and simple, with lyrics sung over gentle guitar and a soft beat. Towards the end, it builds up a bit to a more energetic part. The calm guitar and Eddy Mann’s warm singing create a strong feeling of devotion and connection when you listen.

Eddy Mann’s singing in “Hallelujah” perfectly fits the calm feeling of the song, making it even more soothing and comforting. When he sings, you can feel the deep meaning in every word, connecting with the song’s important message. His voice acts like a bridge, bringing listeners closer to the emotional journey the song tells. The soulful singing and sincere lyrics are likely to touch listeners’ hearts and encourage them to join in singing praises to the Lord. It’s a song meant to uplift and inspire a sense of reverence and gratitude towards God.

Also, each musical instrument played adds to the peaceful and respectful atmosphere, creating a sense of calm that holds the song together.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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