Exploring Elijah Mann’s Candid Reflections on Early Romantic Experiences With “Alone”


When one falls in love, we always look up messages from our lovers, sometimes turning to notifications on our devices to check if our lover has texted. Elijah Mann, a NYC-based songwriter, knows how to do this right, and you will feel how he does it perfectly in his new dark folk/rock single release titled “Alone.”

On this release, he worked with video game developer Ursa Mayhem Media, whose goal was to write a song for their next game, “Here There Be Bears.” The song was also inspired by Elijah’s desire to write a song that could be read as a love ballad, a letter to the protagonist, and a representation of the growing fear of getting lost in a cave.

He drew inspiration from modern folk troubadours like Ben Howard as well as modern indie rock wailers like Medium Build and Glen Hansard.


Elijah talks about his early relationships in this song. The song’s beautiful and dramatic lyrics center on two themes: one is hoping to be accepted and the other is searching for connection with their partners. He discussed how he constantly checks his phone because it’s the only thing he has to hold onto and that talking to someone is pointless if he’s not speaking to his significant other.

The song has a rootsy classical guitar that goes well with the chaotic electric guitars and synths. The way the strings moved made me love the song even more. I liked how it went down when Elijah sang the verses and how intense it got during the chorus. The song was also catchy because Elijah’s voice was so clear and could change from a fragile baritone to a soaring, screaming tenor. On top of that, the airy backings were used at some points to make the song sound emotional; that is how it made me feel.

“Alone” was produced by Adam Tilzer, who has worked as a sound engineer for well-known musicians like Keith Richards, Valerie June, and Norah Jones, and this is the sixth time Man has collaborated with him. “Alone’ is a fantastic song that will definitely lift your spirits.

Enjoy on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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