Introducing Luna Keller’s Captivating New Song “Ocean Inside of Me” – The Title Track of Her Highly Anticipated Album


The title track of German singer-songwriter Luna Keller’s upcoming album, which will include a compilation of personal songs she has been working on for more than three years, is the stunning new song “Ocean Inside of Me.”

It’s not simple to deal with loneliness and mental health issues. Things keep reflecting in your mind, no matter how hard you attempt to get away from them and you could feel this situation in the song. ” Luna claims that “Ocean Inside of Me” is really personal to her since she wrote it during a period when she was struggling with her mental health. The song’s lyrics convey the idea that nobody is alone and that it is possible to overcome adversity and bounce back fast.

In addition, the song highlights lonely moments and self-examination or self-observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes, a difficult yet cathartic battle with inner demons. Luna was coming to terms with her depression when she composed the lyrics one night while sitting by the sea in Tenerife, under a starry sky. Luna had the concept for “Ocean Inside of Me,” her album, at that same moment. The record would serve as a journey for Luna to rediscover her voice, self-awareness, and self-love.

The melodies Luna created for “Ocean Within Me” are amazing, as I felt from her vocals that she was dealing with a mental health problem. Luna did well by letting her feelings out with metaphoric lyrics which shows how creative she is.

The main instruments that were used in making the song (acoustic, drums, and piano) made the song more catchy and fun to listen to, despite the lyrics. How the instruments were played at each point and backed Luna’s vocals made me enjoy listening to the song the most. The instruments blended so well with each other and with Luna’s soft vocals as well.

“Ocean Within Me” is available for streaming on all platforms; enjoy on Spotify below.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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