Exploring Olaedo Ibe’s Gospel Song ‘Golden Skin’


OLAEDO IBE, a gospel singer from London, debuts her brand-new song, “Golden Skin” off her upcoming third album called “Golden Skin” which is wrapped in a soothing Afrobeat atmosphere with R&B overtones.

Olaedo Ibe, who was raised by Nigerian parents in London, began singing in church and at community functions at a young age. She soon discovered that she was best at fusing music with inspirational lyrics that anybody could relate to, regardless of race, background, or religious beliefs.

She had the chance to perform on stage with Peobo Bryson, an icon of Motown, thanks to her crossover appeal. In 2015, Olaedo Ibe released her debut EP, “Shine Like Gold,” which later that year received a MOBO Premier Gospel Music and Urban Music Award nomination. In 2018, she released her second EP, “Grow to Glow,” which includes the songs “Guide Me,” “Good Life,” with Leke and Becca Folkes, and “Fill Us” (a children’s song).  The EP’s three songs all debuted in the top ten of the UK Christian Chart.

Olaedo currently has more than 100,000 combined views on her Youtube channel, more than 80,000 combined Spotify streams, and more than 53,000 combined Soundcloud streaming.


Her new gospel song “Golden Skin,” which features RAE RAE from the UK, touches on delicate subjects like colorism and skin bleaching but ends with a message of love, optimism, and acceptance of oneself. The song encourages the listener to be content with who they are by drawing a connection between skin and gold. The song’s bridge, which reads, “Whatever you were born in, God has devised a path for you to win,” is Olaedo Ibe’s favorite phrase.

Initially, Olaedo used the song “Golden Skin” as a kind of self-motivation while working as a nurse. The topic of the song, however, changed when she began working in dermatology departments, burns units, and plastic surgery units because she saw men and women apply dangerous treatments to their skin to lighten it.

When she saw a World Health Organization research indicating that over 70% of Nigerian women use skin bleaching chemicals, raising the risk of skin cancer, liver damage, kidney damage, and thinning skin, her love for the subject deepened.

In order to raise money for skin research, “Golden Skin” is also used to raise awareness of the British Skin Foundation.

Listen on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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