From Behind the Scenes to Center Stage; Bezi Unveils Debut Single


Florida’s Broward artist BEZI is prepared to emerge as a solo performer after emerging from the shadows of songwriting and executive producing.

BEZI has polished his art behind the scenes, working with industry titans like XXXTENTACION, Ski Mask The Slump God, Rihanna, and Drake. He has an outstanding track record of composing for well-known names including Justin Bieber, Don Toliver, Steflon Don, and more.

After years of helping other musicians succeed, BEZI is finally ready to take the spotlight with his debut single, “DCL,” which stands for “Double Cup Love”  and it features Anto and GABE. The song captures the spirit of special evenings spent with close friends, celebrating carefree moments and unrestrained joy.

“DCL” takes listeners to the joyful and joyous mood that comes with being with loved ones through its contagious beat and alluring lyrics.

Through EMPIRE, a renowned label well known for its support of up-and-coming artists, BEZI will be distributing his songs as an independent artist. This exciting shift represents BEZI’s resolve to carve his own path and present his art in a way that suits him.

The accompanying music video for “DCL” captures the song’s exuberant energy and invites listeners to journey with BEZI and his band on a voyage of joy and companionship.

The images convey the message of the song in its entirety and offer a gripping visual experience to go along with the joyful and contagious music.

Music lovers can be among the first to see the thrilling debut of BEZI’s “DCL.” The song is currently accessible on all significant streaming services, giving audiences a chance to engage with the artist’s distinctive combination of ability and enthusiasm.

BEZI’s career as an independent artist has only just begun, and the release of “DCL” heralds a thrilling new phase. It is certain that BEZI will continue to create waves in the music industry given his extensive experience and strong number of partnerships.

Fans of BEZI and the music industry eagerly anticipate the next stages in his promising solo career as he enters the spotlight.

A heartfelt “much love” message is sent from BEZI and his management to everyone who joins him on this thrilling new stage of his artistic journey. BEZI’s enthusiasm, talent, and commitment to his art promise an exciting future full of unforgettable songs and deep connections with his audience as his debut single takes off.

Stream on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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