Lola Lola storms the music scene with ‘Nirvana’


Lola Lola is a talented singer, pianist, and actress born in Paris who carries the musical legacy of her parents. She started her musical journey at 8, Lola’s passion for singing and playing the piano has been an integral part of her life.

She ventured into acting in 2012 but later returned to her musical roots in 2015 with the release of her debut single, “Grid lines in the sky,” which caught the attention of L’Oréal Paris for a prominent advertising campaign.

After a period of focusing on her acting career, Lola made a powerful comeback in 2020 with the release of “Extatic” and its visually striking music video, which was produced during the challenging times of the first confinement.

However, it was in late 2020 that Lola’s journey took an exciting turn, thanks to her producer Stéphane’s love for Latin music. Stéphane stumbled upon the song “Aventurera,” written by the Mexican composer Vic Paz, and envisioned a fresh version for Lola to sing in Spanish.

Lola was immediately drawn to the idea of exploring the Latin music realm and embraced the opportunity to sing in Spanish. The result was the release of “Aventurera” in 2021, which achieved great success in Latin America, earning over 320,000 views within just three months of its release.

Lola’s venture into Latin music continued in 2022 with the release of “Quien Soy,” a lively and rhythmic cumbia featuring a collaboration with the Colombian rapper and hip hop producer Mokaña. Once again, Lola found success in Latin America, as “Quien Soy” garnered more than 330,000 views for its music video.

In 2023, Lola decided to reconnect with her native language and the French audience by releasing her latest single “Nirvana.” It is a cover of the song written by Arnold Turboust and Étienne Daho in the late ’80s. “Nirvana” marks Lola’s first release in French and showcases her fresh disco-infused interpretation of the catchy melody by Arnold Turboust.

Lola is ready to enchant audiences in various locations and cultures thanks to her amazing catalog of songs in English, Spanish, and now French.

Her new album, due out in the fall, is expected to be a fascinating mix of musical genres and languages, reflecting Lola’s wide range of artistic inclinations.

Lola is working on her record during the summer, and fans and music lovers can’t wait for its debut. Lola Lola’s versatility as an artist is demonstrated by her ability to switch between different genres and languages with ease, and her expanding success and appeal on a global scale are proof of her commitment to making excellent music.

Listen to Nirvana on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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