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Naomi Jane’s new track, “Why Not,” is a compelling anthem about hopeful hearts navigating teen romance. Naomi, 14, rejects the idea of being a hopeless romantic and boldly calls herself hopeful. Naomi believes Romantic Comedies-style love stories are possible and worth pursuing, since the song explores the common longing for them.

Naomi’s last single, “Never Let Go,” showed her ability to write compelling words that move listeners. As Metal magazine’s Helena Barrag√°n Vert noted, Naomi’s songs resonate with all ages despite her youth.

After performing in New York, Naomi has captivated audiences in California. Her memorable off-Broadway and regional musical theater roles, notably Young Teddy Trager in “Aussie Song,” have left an unforgettable impression. Naomi has performed as a featured vocalist in Feinstein’s 54 / Below, Green Room 42, Players Club NYC, Sembrich Opera, and The Theater for a New City. She also directs and produces the Broadway Benefit, “Bullets into Ballads.”

Besides her theater and music career, Naomi has been on PBS Kids and the award-winning “Assisted Living.” Her film role, especially in “A Night with the Sheintops,” secures her place in the entertainment sector.

As the “piano poet,” Naomi’s songwriting and musical skills on guitar, ukulele, saxophone, violin, and piano have shaped her unique approach. Her original music, available on various streaming platforms, showcases her diverse talents and moving storytelling.

From the vibrant heart of New York City, Naomi’s background spans both coasts, weaving a complex tapestry. Her relocation to Los Angeles for high school in Santa Barbara adds to her experience. The experiences Naomi had in high school and as an activist are what inspire her music.¬†Teens and everyone who has experienced adolescence can relate to her music’s real representation of life’s journey. Naomi Jane is a rising entertainment star, passionate artist, campaigner, and icon for hopeful romantics of all ages.

Naomi enjoys writing poems, playing softball, creating TikTok videos, and playing with her pets. Her voice promotes hunger eradication, gun control, and kid protection.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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