Here is Noel Garland’s newest holiday tune, “Save Me A Place”


Noel Garland, also known as The Xmas Crooner, presents his latest Christmas single, “Save Me A Place,” now available for listeners to enjoy. This festive track has garnered recognition in the UK Songwriting Contest, securing a spot as a semi-finalist in one category and reaching the finals in another, with anticipation building for the winner’s announcement.

“Save Me A Place” resonates with the emotions of those who will be separated from their loved ones during the holiday season or are eagerly on their way to reunite with family and friends. The song captures the essence of Christmas with a classic feel, offering a fresh perspective for those seeking new additions to their holiday music collection.

Noel Garland, an Augmented Reality Music (A.R.M.) artist, is a unique creation by Big Culture Records. His character, brought to life through A.I. technology, embodies the spirit of Christmas music. With a vocal style often likened to a modern Sinatra with a hint of Bublé, Noel Garland promises to infuse holiday cheer with his latest single.

As part of the Hayward Collab songwriting partnership, all of Noel’s songs are crafted. Once a song is selected for recording, a dedicated production team assembles to guide the project to a polished, release-ready track. Notably, an unidentified session singer expertly delivers Noel’s voice, giving his musical persona a sense of mystery and intrigue.

“Save Me A Place” invites listeners into a heartwarming holiday experience, and Noel Garland’s presence as The Xmas Crooner adds a touch of magic to the Christmas music landscape. The song not only captures the emotions of the season but also showcases the innovative use of technology in bringing musical characters to life.

Noel Garland’s commitment to delivering fresh, classic Christmas tunes, coupled with the unique concept of his augmented reality character, positions him as a notable figure in the realm of holiday music. As audiences eagerly await the festive season, “Save Me A Place” serves as a delightful addition to the Christmas music tradition.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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