Get inspired by the new tune “Black Sheep” by The Train Rockers!


Munich based band, The Train Rockers released their new single “Black Sheep” ( Radio Edit) ahead of their forthcoming Ep “The Black Sheep.” The band is ade up of 5 talented musicians from Germany, Turkey and England, and they literally started on the streets of Munich somewhere in 2015.

The song, “Black Sheep” is an mood setting and energetic alternative rock song that focuses stustions that people go through in the world by veiwing through the eyes of outcasts, misfits and unseen people. After personally listening to the song for a few couple of times, It reflects a sad chapter of my own life.

The song sympathizes with many people hustling on the streets, bars and also in jails. “Black Sheep” is exactly crafted about these people, about the souls that have been thrown out, cast out, worn out, burdened, that are avoided, that are done with this world and with themselves.

These encounters, but also the harsh experiences from the band members (partly sad) stories, inspired them to write the song “Black Sheep”. It is
intended to give hope to those who feel bad, miserable or unwanted: black sheep in a more and more slick, fast, shiny but often coldhearted world.

The song has also a layer of faith in it, that the band members were able to experience themselves and was willing to share with the outcast and beaten down that no matter the situation there is someone who still loves you, who wants to forgive you and wants to give you a second chance.

The lyrical message on black sheep is so deep and relatable enough to resonate with almost every one on the street facing difficulties in life. Also the instrumental is epic. The piano chord progression,guitars and drums are energizing. The mix and mastering is also awesome and brught a lot of clarity and sound quality.

“Black Sheep” is highly relatable and motivational song that gives hope of all not being lost when you find your self in trying times.

Stream below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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