Fire In The Field Drops New Album “Ash & Cinder”


Music band, Fire In The Field has released a new album titled “Ash & Cinder.” Based in Boston, the band which is quickly making waves with their furious style of heavy soul rock style of music and doing more to push the boundaries of rock n’ roll with energy, depth and detail.

The album covers all aspects of life from Love, pain, respect, happiness, self development. “Ash & Cinder” is a motivation pack to put music listeners on a journey of sweet melodies, magnificent instrumentals and education on the various aspects of living life. Snowblind Blues” is about the ignored issue in the mainstream regarding classism and the observance of an obviously dogmatic society at the detriment to those in need. “The Cycle” is a song about the violence of human nature as an unchecked repetition due
to the root of the problem not being addressed. “One Lie” is about a single falsehood tipping the scales in a relationship from potential to potently dead.

“Emotion & Disposal” is about a cocky guitar hero flirting with a woman he feels something deeply for and admitting his idiosyncrasies. “Guillotine” is a psychedelic story about a religious refugee and vigilante who wants to do away with a pious political state, like The Crucible on acid in a blues juke joint.

The band’s musical skill and poetry attest to the fact that all the tracks on the album was made with passion and dedication. Mike Moore aka mike by name writes the lyrics, sings, and plays guitar. Jeff Badolato plays bass guitar, Jared Graham plays drums and Andrew Blowen play keyboards. The album was recorded at the New Alliance Studios in Somerville, MA and was co-produced by Hamstank, engineered by Ethan, and mastered by Nick Zampiello.

The incredible instrumentals on the album, “Ash & Cinder” the unveiling of the Blues side of the band to the musical world that the band is not only covered in doing Rock n roll or Rnb hence the album being nicknamed by the band as “The Blues Album.” According to the band they nicknamed the album that way because of “how committed they were to the bluesman classic ethos as the molten core to the songs with our experimental love for shaking up the dogmas and structures to something unique and of our sonic imprint. It’s off the beaten path from our tried and true hard driving epic riffs”

“Ash & Cinder” is a great album packed with musical brilliance and creativity to inspire and music listener who gives it a few spins.

Stream below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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