Get Ready to Groove with the Remix of ‘Come And Let’s Praise The Lord’ by Gospel Duo ‘Sound of Imani’


The husband-and-wife music team Sound of Imani, which consists of Drs. Gerald and Carol Ervin are excited to offer their newest song, a remix of their song “Come Praise the Lord”, which is a house mix of the original song.

Carol and Gerald first came into contact when Carol had the idea to start a modern band. She then formed a band under the name “Imani of Detroit,” where “Imani” is a Swahili word meaning “faith.”

As time passed, one of the group members made Gerald join, and he took his knowledge of music—particularly his understanding of the secular music world—with him.
He grew to be good friends with Carol, and their relationship subsequently developed into something more, leading to their marriage.

They later formed a duo after realizing they could create great harmonies when they sang together, and the name “Sound of Imani” was created.

The award-winning duet Bebe and Cece Winans is brought to mind when Gerald and Carol perform. The performance of their latest song is an example.

Come Praise the Lord Remix blends dance music in the pop and electronic styles with modern gospel music. The song delivers listeners a remarkable and engrossing musical experience with its catchy melodies, moving lyrics, and captivating instrumentation.

Marcus “Daheatmizer” Divine and Gregory Pearson Sr. produced and engineered it at Inner Court Music Studio in Southfield, Michigan, with Heaven-Wings Records serving as the Executive Producer. Gerald & Carol Ervin, together with Daron Steward, wrote the song.

Sounds of Imani and Daron Steward worked together to release a few tracks through their record label, Heaven Wings Records.

In 2002, they issued their first full CD, titled “Revelation.”
When they published “Must Be an Angel” and “It’s Alright,” they became well-known both locally and globally.

Numerous accolades have been bestowed upon the group, including the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards, Royal Society of Motion Picture Awards (India), and Gospel Choice Music Awards.

Stream the ‘Come let’s praise The Lord’ Remix below;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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