Listen To Hiram’s Heartfelt Song of Praise, ‘Lord I Thank You’


In a brand-new song “Lord I Thank You,” Christian musician and composer Hiram humbly celebrates God.

While working on another project in the studio with DJ Maclean and Sam, two Berklee-trained musicians, Hiram had the idea for the song.

D.J. began playing a piano riff, Sam added a bass line, and Hiram began to sing praises to God.

The song is a straightforward act of thanks. Hiram thinks he is still a work in progress and wanted it to be a little bit raw and flawed, allowing God’s light to flow through. He was pleased that they were able to catch that unplanned scene anyway.

Originally from the Virgin Islands, Hiram currently resides in Boston. He enjoys both God and music.

Although he began creating songs when he was young, lately he has been concentrating on aiding upcoming musicians because he didn’t have the opportunity when he was growing up.

He met musicians D.J. McLean and Sam Joseph, who worked with him to create his debut album, the Majestic EP – Vol. 1.

According to Hiram, the Gospel, which is about sharing the word of God, is not restricted to any one type of music.

He believes that music serves as a seasoning that enhances the message’s attractiveness to various demographics. If they want their music to be heard by everyone, they must be flexible and accommodating to other preferences.

It can still be categorized as gospel music as long as the music doesn’t obscure or detract from the message.

Stream Lord I thank you on Spotify Below;


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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