Get to know ChevyGurl, a No Genre musician with a distinctive pop sound


ChevyGurl had developed an interest for music at the tender age of 6 when she was in and out of the recording studio with her dad who is also a record label executive and a former disc jockey. By the tender age of eleven, ChevyGurl was rapping in her local middle school talent shows in the State of Florida, and around her neighborhood for family and friends. By the age of 15 ChevyGurl was recording her own mixtape for family, friends and members of her neighborhood, and she posted a few of her songs on YouTube with some of her recording buddies.


ChevyGurl is a born and raised Florida. . ChevyGurl is currently working on her new album – currently untitled – to follow up her debut EP “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It” When you listen to ChevyGurl’s debut EP, you will hear some of the hottest banging tracks to ever come out of the Tampa Bay area. The EP Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It by ChevyGurl will make your head bob and your body move immediately starting with the very “rst track.

ChevyGurl is ready to take the music scene by storm even though she has not put a genre on her style. She states she will let the world name her style for her which has a Hip Hop/R&B #avor with a strong Pop feel which makes her sound enjoyable for all ages. ChevyGurl says this has been a lifelong dream to become a Hip Hop, R&B, Pop Star, and she understands that it won’t happen overnight but she has nothing but time on her hands to study and perfect her craft. ChevyGurl also writes her own music, and is starting to taste a little of the production side as well. This No Genre artist has more than just a southern rap style with a hip hop groove from her sassy punch lines to her smooth clean rap lyrics. ChevyGurl has been dubbed as the new female sound of Florida’s Dirty South. Due to her ability to switch her #ow and go against the grain, she has been called “The Gesture Killer” and also “The Feature Killer”. While one may be tempted to dismiss ChevyGurl as just another addition to the already crowded scene of female rappers, you should take note:

ChevyGurl’s smooth rap style is anything, but more of the status quo. ChevyGurl has the right combination of classiness, smoothness, and drive with a lady like substance for good taste.

Stream her latest single ‘See me fall’ below;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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