HIHEME’s “Game Changer” album celebrates the importance of holistic consciousness and well-being


HIHEME (formerly known as Donia Touglo) is a versatile artist who creates worlds through her art as a singer, state-certified actress, performance artist, holistic practitioner, and spiritual guide. A citizen of the world with West African roots, she writes her lyrics in Ewe, English, German, French, and the language of her soul.
Since 2019, HIHEME has released several singles and features, produced and directed her own music videos, and received the German popNRW Award in the NEWCOMER category in October 2021. She has also performed at festivals such as Pop-Kultur Berlin, Attension Festival, DCKS Festival, and many others throughout Europe.

In April 2023, she released her debut album “Game Changer,” which has been featured by many radio stations and magazines in Germany and worldwide, celebrating its exceptional combination and refreshing composition. The album showcases a wide range of influences, including global sounds with West African roots, Afrobeats, Afro-fusion, electronic, jazz, RnB, neo-soul, and psychedelic pop. HIHEME describes her music as “Holistic Soul JaHm,” a unique combination of styles and genres that she expresses in her own way.

As an independent artist, HIHEME brings a colorful kaleidoscope to her art. She also initiates permaculture projects like the “Agbelenko Garden” and engages in humanitarian projects in Togo and internationally. She is dedicated to a very personal holistic consciousness and well-being process that is reflected in her music.

Stream full album on spotify below;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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