Gucci Leek’s ‘PGLG’: A Catchy Reminder of Love’s Fragility


In his new track, “PGLG” (Pretty Gurls Luv Gucci), which Gucci Leek calls for everyone’s attention with marching baseline, he has a story to tell and a hidden message to the special girl that he still loves. Carrying mix of nice melodies and rhythm, Gucci Leek urges the girl to fix her attitude or be warned her Chris no longer would be there.

Wriiten by Maalik Boggan, aka Gucci Leek, and produced by William Alexander and Rayonabeat, “PGLG” is a different kind of song on an old school love. The lyrics are used to remind girls that no matter the influence of the attractive boys, Gucci Leek is the adored guy all he feelings.

Employing synth instruments transfuses the song with an additional catchy tune with which Gucci Leek’s vocals blend in order to create an original style. A constant flow between Gucci Leek and the drums’ beat can be noticed throughout the track. This, in practice, results in an unforgettable and fascinating mood that truly enslaves the listener. He is cool, and truly a master rapper, with a jerk who keeps slamming rhymes down.

In addition to the raw emotion conveyed, “PGLG” speaks to the delicate nature of love and the significance of keeping communication alive in any relationship. Gucci Leek’s words simulate the female protagonist to recognize his true worth, and she should be grateful for her being in-between them.

In short,”PGLG” is a high-quality recording that features a combination of ear-catching beats with real lyrical content providing listeners with a great musical experience. The highly successful hit carries along with it its catchy hooks and true to life lyrics and it is clearly evident that fans of modern R&B and Hip-Hop music are bound to resonate with the song.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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