Velika Velika’s ‘COMING.GOING’ Is A Raw Exploration of Deluded Ego


The new song by Velika Velika, “COMING.GOING.”, leads you through the difficult stages of the human vanity. The song has lyrics that explore the idea of self-deception and insecurity. As a result, you can perceive yourself in this character struggling to make this world better.

The lyrics, though seeming simple but meaning much more than that, show how the validation comes and goes like a bad weather and how people attract like a magnet. Lines like “See them come, see them go” and “You want it from me” express the desire to be desired and to be recognized, even when there is a looming danger.

“COMING.GOING.” is a power rock song in the tradition of blues which gives us the atmosphere of noisy groups of rockers like The Paranoyds and Metric. Recorded in parts at Velika’s house and in JT SOAR in Nottingham features dissonant guitars, powerful drumbeat, and dense bass lines which permeates the walls of the studio.

As dark as it may seem it’s the rhythm and flow that symbolize the heartfelt how the grow emanate from its protagonist. The alternation of diffused lo-fi production with contemplative lyrics results in a very attracting resonance that is felt even after the final chord decay.

“COMING.GOING.” is a profound dialogue of lies that we live to increase our self-importance. Wisely, he creates a rhythm which depicts the alternation between self-esteem and self-doubt and how we can perceive the person’s inner world.

With this song Velika Velika makes it clear that he is among the freshest musicians out there today. “COMING.SOON” is a truth that gives people a chance of looking at their delusions and learn to accept the truth.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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