Hazel’s Alternative Pop Anthem “10,000ft” Rises to Incredible Levels of Liberation


Hazel, an alt. pop singer-songwriter from South London, just released “10,000ft,” a funky and synth-driven song that tackles the depths of emotional conflicts and the path to inner harmony and honesty.

In the song “10,000ft,” Hazel drives us on a hypnotic musical odyssey that mixes powerful beats, alluring vocal harmonies, and a menacing but empowering sound. The intense urge to communicate her personal hardships and imagine life as a movie, viewing oneself from a higher viewpoint, was the source of the song’s inspiration.

“10,000ft” is Hazel’s fifth single and the last song on her EP that shares same name as the song.
The EP offers evidence of Hazel’s developing talent and dedication to using her music to explore the complexity of human emotions.

Hazel discusses the inspiration for “10,000ft,” explaining that it is centered on her own quest for tranquility and inner peace. She talks about how she felt like she was looking down on herself as she struggled with confusion and found comfort in her music.

Although she admits to comparing her path with people around her with the aim of modeling their lives for a better future, Hazel touches on the enduring issue of comparison in her songs. This vulnerability, which highlights the challenges many people encounter in their quest for happiness and success, is both familiar and empowering.

Hazel deftly reminds herself in the chorus that other people’s paths are not intended to be followed.

It develops into a stirring song of individual liberty that emphasizes the value of leading an authentic life, accepting failure, and charting a different course from what society expects.

While discussing the songwriting process, Hazel says she took inspiration from her own experiences, particularly when she got unwanted advise about her work and life choices. The song urges listeners to follow their own intuition and instincts by highlighting the shallowness and meaninglessness of such well-intentioned advice.

With “10,000ft,” Hazel further establishes her place as an emerging figure to watch in the alt. pop music landscape. She stands out as a musician who is capable of forging a strong connection with her audience because to her ability to combine entrancing melodies with profound and insightful words.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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