Manchester musician Ragga Lox releases 13-track album “Climbing”


Ragga Lox, a Manchester recording artist, has debuted his much-awaited thirteen-track studio album, “Climbing,” which marked an important turning point in his musical career. Ragga Lox is a diverse musician with a distinct fusion of reggae, dancehall, and world music combined with hip-hop elements since moving to the United States in the late 1980s.

The terrible effects of the COVID-19 epidemic on Ragga Lox’s life served as the basis for the song “Climbing.” The sadness of losing close friends and relatives to the virus gave birth to the lead single, “Spliff & Beer.” Ragga Lox was determined to make a whole album that would touch fans’ emotions after hearing favorable response following the single’s release in January 2022.

Collaborations with Revelashan and Rob Symeon are included on the album, giving the songs more charm and depth. Ragga Lox’s remarkable composition and singing skills are on full display in the well-made album “Climbing.” The album offers a broad and deep musical experience by skillfully fusing influences from reggae, dancehall, and world music.

Ragga Lox’s skill as a storyteller makes “Climbing” stand out. He effectively expresses his Rastafarian ideas and way of life while deftly narrating the story of his own grief, which includes the passing of his parents, mentors, and other family members. Each song serves as a tribute to Ragga Lox’s abilities as a musician and writer, revealing the breadth and sincerity of his artistic expression.

The production value of the album is excellent, demonstrating Ragga Lox’s dedication to producing music of the greatest caliber. The excellent vocal delivery and creative lyrics combine to produce a captivating and impactful listening experience.

Stream the full album below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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