Holly Unleashes A new single titled, “Rearview Mirror”


Holly Real, an indie singer-songwriter, guitarist, and folk/pop-rock artist, has recently released her latest single, “Rearview Mirror,” With a touch of humor and sarcasm, Holly penned this song about the realization that difficult people often “look better in the rearview mirror” of our lives, ultimately highlighting how we are better off without them.

This song demonstrates Holly’s artistic development. She offers a memorable tune and hook while injecting snark into the words. A bluesy-rock guitar riff and a honky-tonk piano lend an additional level of musicianship and vigor to the tune.

Holly was overjoyed to have “Rearview Mirror” produced and recorded at the prestigious Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, by the creative team of Paul Buono and Carrie Marshall.

Both Paul and Carrie, who are both skilled musicians in their own right, contributed their talents to the project, with Carrie providing piano/keys and backing vocals and Paul providing guitar, bass, and other instruments. Dan Needham, who is recognized for his work with notable musicians like Michael McDonald and Amy Grant, contributed his drumming prowess to finish the recording.

Holly is passionate about music, sincerity, and harmony and is influenced by renowned groups like Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. She made the decision to concentrate on her original music after playing with a classic rock cover band. The soul-stirring lead vocals, sentimental lyrics, and harmonies of Holly typically evoke sentiments of joy and nostalgia in the listener. When she discovers beauty and courage in transforming loss, pain, and life’s hardships into something beautiful, her music motivates both her and others. The common human feelings of love, grief, joy, and resiliency are captured in her songs, which strike a chord with listeners.

Holly Real’s commitment to writing uplifting and empowering songs is clear in her talent. She inspires listeners to discover confidence via their embrace of the phrase “beauty from ashes” through her songs.

Holly engages her audience deeply by sharing similar feelings and experiences, which promotes a sense of understanding and harmony.

Holly’s dedication to genuineness is evident in each of her emotional and powerful songs. She forges her own musical route with her distinctive fusion of folk, pop, and rock elements, creating an enduring impression on the music business.

While she continues to inspire audiences and touch hearts with her real and uplifting music, her commitment to writing songs that speak to the human experience makes her an artist to watch.

Listen on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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