Paul Hickey comes throuh with new song titled “Lay Dwon”


Even if he might not entirely agree with the word “reinvention,” Paul Hickey’s artistic journey over the past ten years has been a transforming one. During his stage of life, Hickey had the task of surviving and establishing himself in an industry crowded with gifted young songwriters. It remained to be seen whether he would look back on his music career with nostalgia or whether he would continue creating and performing.

Hickey chose to register in a music study at the College of Further Education in Carlow, Ireland, in order to advance his musical abilities and find his place in the changing environment.

There, he met his mentor and working partner Karen Denieffe, who was instrumental in inspiring him to keep on composing and performing. Hickey was encouraged by her encouragement to go and enroll at BIMM Dublin to study music.

Indeed, enrolling in a music school to pursue songwriting at an elderly age might be considered as a brave decision. Hickey, though, made the most of every chance that came his way and maximized his academic career. He works as a teacher at Carlow Institute, where his educational and artistic adventure first started.

He is here with a new song titled “Lay Down,” created by Hickey’s own studio, “Brown Envelope Studio,” in Co. Laois, Ireland, is a prime example of his progress as an artist.

Tom-Tom Courtney plays the drums on this song, with Karen Denieffe providing the lead vocals. As he accepts the job of producer and exhibits his musical talent, Hickey’s commitment to perfecting his art is evident.

Hickey may look back fondly on his recording career, but he is still dedicated to the road of ongoing development, composing, and performance. His openness to trying new things and developing as an artist demonstrates his love and devotion to his work.

The life of Paul Hickey serves as an example of the value of tenacity, the necessity of accepting change, and the transformational potential of education. Hickey shows that the road is never fully finished as long as there is passion and a drive to create by continuing to be dedicated to music and by being able to adapt and evolve as an artist.

Listen to ‘Lay Down’ on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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