Immerse yourself in Solnedgang’s Latest EP “Valkyrie”



Solnedgang’s latest electroacoustic EP “Valkyrie” is an absolute dive deep in Norse mythology which is shaped in the atmosphere by the immersive and the melodic instrumental rock music. Through a combination of various musical styles such as post-rock, post-metal, black metal, and progressive rock/metal, Solnedgang composes a sonic narrative leading to surreal planes where the story of demi gods, spirits, and maybe even monsters take place.

The opening song is “Folkvangr” a grief-ridden song and which harmonizes with the battle of those who die in the field of war. Those battle hardy men go to Freya’s realm once they are slain. The gloomy atmosphere and sorrowful melodies of the song are timeless, taking you through a spiritual passage on the wings of the Valkyrie. EP takes us to the depths of Norse mythology as Solnedgang evokes death, sorrow and the hereafter.

“Draugr,” being similar to the undead in Norse mythology, manifests the eager desire to scare and terrify when it comes to dealing with an unknown. The track changes its tempo when it becomes less aggressive and more peaceful, reflecting the strange emotions we experience when we killed the skeleton draugr.

“Lament” has a sorrowful element that builds on the theme of loss and grief, using the combination of fragile melodies and the infusion of hope as a way of expression. The song correctly settles the nostalgic sense of revisiting good memories while comforting the shame for lost ones.This EP wraps up with “Niflhel,” a heavy and sustaining piece that builds up the image of the misty realm of the deceased. The characteristic sounds and composition of the song reflect touchiness and feelings of a human who has been there for a few minutes in Niflhel. This makes the EP full of depth and realness.In “Valkyrie,” the song is filled with darkly melodic grooves that these different music genres such as post-rock, post-metal, black metal, and progressive rock are combined into one, giving birth to an interesting listening experience. The DIY-based production values of the EP contribute to its underground look and feel, while its overarching theme and musical layers give the listeners open road and room for adventure.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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