Experience the enchanting sounds of Peter Daniels’ latest release, “Miles Around”


The new single, “Miles Around,” by Music Factory Records released by Peter Daniels – the well-known saxophonist – stars an all-star quartet and gives you the chance to listen to the jazz musical journey the band takes you on. Led by Daniels himself on saxophones, the rhythm section comprises an exceptional lineup of female musicians: Marina Christopher on bass, Marina Albero on Fender Rhodes, and Heather Thomas on drums.

The studio recording was done at Blue Mallard Studios by Jason Gray, while mastered by Blake Bickel, “Miles Around” is the second single from the upcoming project “Quartets”, which features some of the best funk/jazz talents in Seattle.

Marina Christopher in this song creates a feeling of loneness with bass line. Heather Thomas supplies steady beat with rhythms know well to the listeners. Apart from all other instruments, typical for the ’60s, Fender Rhodes, which belongs to the group of analog flavors, found an amazingly good place in the snowing arrangement shaped by Marina Albero.

Band Members

Capturing the essence of renowned jazz musicians is made possible by a master of saxophonic arts; Peter Daniels sets the pace on this vessel as he blends fluid melodies and complex solo runs that bring the olden feel of the jazz icons. Through his leading a complex balancing act of illustrating his talent while also being able to arrange teams that ring so deep to the essence of jazz is in itself his leadership imbibed with faith.

Dancing my way through this inner space in the peaceful silence of a dark room to the echoes of the music is how “Miles Around” makes the journey of time and space suddenly feel so very real. The melodious voice of Daniels and his band members painting it even more vivid a harmonic narrative that the mind can visualize and the spirit can rejoice in.

The entire composition “Miles Around” is a clear statement of Daniel’s multifacetedness and distinctive of what he does even as he brings new to jazz while preserving its historicity, making him unique. However, as the road ahead continues to unfold, this amazing team has more wonderful releases, from which music lovers are certain to enjoy and respect the turn.

Enjoy below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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