Iowa-based singer, composer, and actor Taydem Shoesmith launches her jazz debut with “This, That”


Chart-topping Iowa-based singer, songwriter and actress Taydem Shoesmith serves us with her first jazz music titled “This, That”
This is Shoesmith’s first time doing jazz music and Is her friend, who is also an actor and director, came up with the concept of a silent film set in the 1920s with a “gender swap” premise. This brought the ideal opportunity for Shoesmith to compose a jazz song. Shoesmith wrote the song herself and the lyrics talks about first impressions and promotes the principle of not judging individuals based on their superficial features.

Shoesmith came up with the concept for “This, That” as she was driving and realized how important it is to avoid making snap judgments about individuals based just on their appearance. The song is a reflection of Shoesmith’s wish to overcome her inclination to judge other people as well as her awareness of her own predisposition to judge others.


Shoesmith claims that she is interested in putting an end to both the categorization of others and herself. If she continues to restrict her thinking in this manner, she believes that it will impede her personal development and prevent her from acquiring new knowledge.
Getting rid of these mental constraints is something that she places a high priority on.

Caleb Ostermann at ForteStudios produced the single. The catchy melody and profound words of “This, That” are intended to attract the attention of listeners throughout the song. Shoesmith’s vocal delivery, together with the way the piano and trumpet were performed, contributed to the song’s cinematic and calming atmosphere. This was made possible by the way the song was composed. The melodies that were created were catchy since the instruments that were played mixed in flawlessly with Shoesmith’s vocals

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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