Singer-songwriter Kellie Loder discusses her resolve to leave everything behind and move on in her new hit, “Can’t Go Back”.


Some decisions are very hard to make, yet these decisions may be the best thing that we could do, especially leaving some things and even some people behind and moving forward. Canadian singer-songwriter Kellie Loder has addresses how she made a decision to leave everything behind and move on new single titled  “Can’t Go Back” which is also the the second single off of her upcoming fourth studio record, following “When It Comes To You”, which currently sits at No. 6 on the CBC Music Top 20.

The lyrics of the song talks about deciding to move on with one’s life and letting go of things that have occurred in the past. Kellie Loder talks about leaving a romantic partner, making a hard decision, and dealing with the sadness that comes with it. Kellie had the idea to create this when she was experiencing an emotional conflict between the want to cling to something and the realization that she must make a choice even the outcome is not good.

Kellie claims she wrote “Can’t Go Back” with her pals late at night, after recording the demo, Kellie suddenly realized that she would be the one to release the song herself, despite the fact that they had originally intended to write it for another artist.

“Can’t Go Back” has a calming rhythm and Kellie Loder’s voice stands out due to the fact that the beat is not overpowering and allows her vocals to come out clear. How the drums kicks in after softly the chorus too added a nice beat but did not overshadow the singing which made the song more fun to listen to.
Do not miss out on this because I believe it will surely uplift your soul and may help you to move on and leave some things behind, especially if you are stuck between clinging to something and moving on.

Listen below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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