Jason Shand Unveils ‘Selfish Bitch’: A Song Portraying Selfish Beings


It’s disturbing and awful to be around a “Selfish Bitch,” particularly if you’re selfless Sometimes you would want to be able to read their minds and know all the answers, but sometimes it’s better to just not know.

Jason Shand has aired the characters of selfish beings in his new song called “Selfish Bitch,” The song is about someone who finds it difficult to fit into society and might appear selfish because of the pain heartbreak they’ve faced. The song also explore the idea that their behaviour could be a result if their difficult experiences or maybe they are genuinely selfish. The idea conveyed is that everyone has a part of themselves that can be considered selfish, and the difference lies in whether someone is unaware of it fully embraces it without about others’ opinion.

“Selfish Bitch” has electronic dance beat and rock beat tied together by an intimate and conversational vocal.

According to Shand, the recording process of this song was organic. Almost every sound, from vocals to string pads, guitars, bass, electronic best rhythm to the rock drum was done in single take.

Shand produced this song with his Keyboardist John Roggie in his home studio except for bass which was flown in from his bassist home studio.

Photo of Jason Shand Performing

The way this song started with loud strings and low percussion in the background is something I really like about it. As the song went on, the percussion got louder, which changed the mood of the song. That creativity didn’t just happen at the beginning; you can see it at other times too.

The entire arrangement of the instruments is fantastic; the way certain elements take break and come in again and goes off, especially the percussion made it more lively and catchy to listen to. These are the main reasons I love the song because they demonstrate Shand’s incredible creativity.

Enjoy on Spotify below.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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