Rapper Ego Sol Turns up With An Introspective track “Xo”


Talented rapper, Ego Sol released his new Hiphop track titled “Xo.”

The track has a dark moody vibe and delves into the aspects of toxicity and vulnerability both in love relationships and life itself. The lyrics of the track are self analysing, enabling listeners to examine themselves wether they are being vulnerable in a situation, being used or they find their selves in a toxic relationship that does not grant them happiness or freedom.

Furthermore listeners who put others through hard times and make them vulnerable can reflect on these introspective lyrics from the track to make a decision on making their wrongs right.

Ego Sol drew the inspiration of “Xo” from his on experiences of toxicity and vulnerability.

The track has a perfect ride around night vibe that anyone will find catchy and will like to groove with.

The melodic beats consisting of piano riffs, harmonics and soft kicks, produced by Producer YZ and backed by the delivery of Ego Sol’s chilled and laid back rap style makes the track a vibe to listen to. Ego Sol’s flow, punch lines and storytelling on the track is brilliant and the mix and mastering works on the song is standard for the airwaves.

A rap track like “Xo” will keep listeners replaying to capture the captivating feel of it.

“Xo” is doing well on the digital stores already pulling 15,000 plus streams on Spotify, a short while after it release proving that in the upcoming month it will keep on attracting new listeners and captivating audience around the world.

Stream on Spotify below:

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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