Jennifer Saran and Narada Michael Walden extend an invitation through their newest creation, “Let It All Go”


Amidst the whirlwind of the world’s demands, there comes a time when one craves liberation, a chance to cast aside the burdens that weigh them down. Jennifer Saran and Narada Michael Walden, the ingenious minds behind musical masterpieces, extend an invitation through their newest creation, “Let It All Go.”

This pulsating dance anthem, born from Saran’s velvety vocals and Narada’s rhythmic prowess, emerges as a remedy for the modern soul grappling with life’s complexities.

In the summer of 2023, a season imbued with the #softlife trend and a rekindled fascination with disco, “Let It All Go” blossoms into a sensation that traverses borders and crosses cultures.

From dance floors in distant lands to local gatherings, this track paints the air with an aura of emancipation, an invitation to relinquish troubles and embrace euphoria.

In contrast to the usual melodies that bid farewell to summer’s warmth, Saran’s lyrical ingenuity crafts a different narrative—one of embracing the present with unwavering joy.

The creative force behind the composition, Narada Michael Walden, draws inspiration from a storied career collaborating with luminaries like Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey. His rhythmic arrangement infuses the song with an energetic vigor that echoes his work with the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Journey.

As Saran and Walden meld their talents, “Let It All Go” emerges not just as a song, but as an auditory oasis. Its magnetic pull encourages listeners to relinquish their reservations and lose themselves in carefree dance.

Whether it’s the cool night breeze or the sweltering sun casting its glow, the track’s infectious beats and soul-stirring vocals beckon like a siren’s call.

Envisioned as a summer anthem, this composition serves as a tonic for the monotony that life can often become. While it might not rewrite global predicaments or tame the scorching temperatures, “Let It All Go” provides a fleeting escape—an opportunity to revel in life’s simplest yet most profound pleasures.

In a world that yearns for solace, this song stands as a reminder that amidst the chaos, one can always find solace in the rhythm of the music.

Stream below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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