Ryland Fisher’s third studio album, ‘Sleeping with Ghosts: Volume I” Is finally out


Ryland Fisher’s haunting presence remains in his third studio endeavor, an ethereal masterpiece titled ‘Sleeping with Ghosts: Volume I.’

Departing from the romantic charm of his debut ‘RYLAND’ and the edgier tones of ‘Black Sheep,’ this album takes a distinctive conceptual turn. With stripped-down arrangements that oscillate between poetic and cinematic, Fisher’s sonic experimentation ranges from delicate mandolins to synthesized compositions, even venturing into subtle R&B undertones.

As the title extends, so does the record’s length, an indication to Fisher’s commitment to his musical journey.

The album commences with Fisher’s rendition of the Country Billboard charter ‘Whatcha Drinkin’ Bout,’ co-written with Joey Ebach and Stephanie Quayle. While the original exudes playfulness, Fisher’s interpretation carries a gentler, heartache-tinged aura, offering an inviting contrast.

Quickly transitioning, the most swoon-worthy track emerges with ‘Take You Home.’ The melody radiates the excitement of newfound love, complemented by irresistible synthesizer hooks.

Fisher’s vocals resonate with strength and sincerity, capturing the essence of emotions effortlessly.

‘Sleeping with Ghosts: Volume I’ largely revolves around the haunting grip of the past. In the troubadour’s plea titled ‘Outrun the Devil,’ Fisher seemingly flees from his history, while in ‘Deja You,’ he welcomes it back with open arms under the starry sky.

The latter’s intoxicating melody and wistful lyrics provide a prime example of Fisher’s storytelling prowess at its peak.

Fisher’s remarkable ability lies in crafting emotions that transcend barriers of age, gender, and background. Throughout his third album, this gift for storytelling and lyrical finesse shines brightly, as Fisher and his co-writers meticulously recount every “ghost” story with deliberate intent.

The visuals and emotions interweave, creating a tapestry of auditory and emotional experiences that linger, long after the last note has faded away. ‘Sleeping with Ghosts: Volume I’ is a hauntingly beautiful invitation to navigate the labyrinth of memory and emotion alongside a musical mastermind.

Listen to Full Album on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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