Jody Unwraps ‘Holiday Cheer’ and Celebrates the Gift of Musical Resilience


In the spirit of joy and the festive season, Jody has unwrapped a musical present for us all: “Holiday Cheer.” Crafted as the quintessential Christmas song, Jody envisioned a tune that embodies the merriment of the season, meant to be sung along to while indulging in all the delightful activities that make this time of year so special.

The lyrics of “Holiday Cheer” are a festive tapestry, woven with the elements and events that families and friends cherish during the holiday season. From Santa and reindeer to baking cookies and enjoying the snow, the song is a celebration of the traditions that define this magical time. Yet, at its core, “Holiday Cheer” is more than just a jingle; it’s a reminder that the true gift lies in spending time with someone who embodies the happiness of the season.

Jody’s journey in music has been marked by a relentless desire to create. From writing songs at the age of 15 to recording studio demos at 16, she has always been driven by her passion. Life took its course, and Jody put her music on hold, writing the occasional song. However, recent family tragedies—the sudden loss of her father-in-law and father within days of each other—served as a poignant reminder of life’s brevity.

In the wake of these losses, Jody experienced a surge of creativity. A lucid dream featuring her father became the catalyst for an outpouring of new songs—134, to be exact. It seems like a cork popped off a champagne bottle, releasing a flood of creative energy that had been pent up. The sudden loss instilled in her a profound sense of urgency to pursue the things that bring her happiness, a sentiment echoed in her music.

Jody’s musical evolution has been shaped by diverse influences, turning her into a musical chameleon. Inspired by artists like Prince, she fearlessly navigates various styles, from pop and rock to dance and EDM, with some songs even carrying hip-hop or retro undertones. For Jody, the essence of being an artist is to avoid being boxed in, and her compositions draw from personal experiences, observations of the world, and a desire to leave a positive legacy.

Through her music, Jody aims to make a difference in people’s lives. Her mission is to create a lasting connection, providing something to celebrate, fostering a sense of belonging, and aiding in the healing process. In the end, music becomes the vessel through which Jody leaves her mark on the world, one note at a time. As she embraces the urgency to pursue happiness, Jody’s story becomes an inspiration for us all to seize the moment and find joy in the midst of life’s unpredictable journey

Stream “Holiday” on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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