Tosing Ojuri and Saint David Unleash a Musical Tapestry of Unity with ‘Come Around’


Come around to the mesmerizing blend of Afrobeat rhythms and Saint David’s sophisticated Hip Pop Rap lyrics on Tosing Ojuri’s new single, “Come Around.” This group effort stands out among the rest of the musical landscape because it not only skillfully combines infectious percussion with appealing melodies, but also offers a powerful and profound message.

The groove of “Come Around” is inspired by the infectious energy of Afrobeat rhythms and is sure to get you up and moving. The expertly created rhythms and melodies provide an enticing and encouraging atmosphere. The merging of Afrobeat with Saint David’s Hip Pop Rap lyrics adds layers of depth and complexity to the piece, giving it a rich and engaging musical experience.

The lyrics to “Come Around” are what set it apart, though. Both Tosing Ojuri and Saint David use their verses to describe stories that have more meaning than the words themselves. The song becomes more than just a piece of music when it conveys messages of solidarity, faith, and cross-cultural understanding.

“Come Around” stands as a tribute to the tremendous potential of music to cross cultural divides and build connections. It encourages its audience to unite in the celebration of differences and the pursuit of shared values. The song has the rare ability to add a distinctive flavor to any material it is paired with, connecting with listeners who are looking for both musical entertainment and meaningful messages.

With music’s ability to break down barriers, “Come Around” emerges as a unifying force that inspires us to celebrate the bounty of multiculturalism and mutual respect. Tosing Ojuri and Saint David have created a musical masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who gives their ears to its pulsating beats and profound lyrics.

Stream “Come Around” On Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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