Joey Jaey Embraces “African” Root with new single


Get ready to be carried away by the energetic enthusiastic and melodies of “African,” a new release from Nigerian-Canadian artist Joey Jaey. This feel-good tune is much more than mere music; it’s a personal statement, an expression of the joy in Joey for his diverse African roots and above all else, accepting what you are despite any stereotype that would cast doubt on your worth.

Joey’s African is like an amalgam of afrobeats, R&B and amapiano genres that demonstrate his prevailing musical influences derived from the elements of cultural background. By doing so, Joey affirms his Nigerian ethnicity while making an impression in North America and confronting the negative prejudices roadblocked by African culture’s beauty.

With 2024 marking a year of monthly single releases for Joey, “African” serves as the perfect introduction to what could be an incredible musical excursion. Passionate since his youth, Joey’s love of music is an important part of who he is as a person and that feeling was revived during the 2020 pandemic which saw the re-release one earlier hits like “Friends” featuring Ajuju & Meyar.

His music is socially conscious and its messages are easy to embrace by the listeners, Joey takes his cue from legends such as Enya Tunde Baiyewu et al His distinctive sound, rooted in a variety of musical genres and defined by his sincere storytelling has established him as an exceptional musician whose artistry is praised and appreciated globally.

“African” is an ode to heritage and ancestry—a shout-out of identity. So too does the music bring warmth in its form or souls as one unites them with God’s love through sounds that heal both heartbroken listeners alike who may feel lost sometimes but find solace when remembering how far they have come despite Today, add Joey Jaey’s “African” to your playlist and revive the mysterious beauty of genuine music that was culturally significant.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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