Discover What’s In the Bamboo?” by J.E.E.W


Ready yourself to go on a musical trip through the halls of Southern rock with J.E.E W’s new single ‘What’s In The Bamboo?’. This song had been highly anticipated; it gives an insight into ways one can evolve and grow, as well as explore those times when life was simpler than we could ever imagine while revealing deep family secrets kept for

The use of uniquely instrumented, lyrical rich depths and emotionally driven vocals make what’which presents tunes that will surely sink into the hearts o fans even those who are not familiar with Elyashiv but loves country music as well as Southern rock. Surrounded by rustic melodies and soul-touching harmonies, the song forces listeners to ponder about this innocence of childhood as well as dive deep into a family history that we never talked about openly.

The core of “What’s In the Bamboo?” is a story about perseverance and rebellion, as Elyashiv tells how his grandmother acted out in tricking authorities by planting marijuana plants among bamboos. This disclosure weaves a strand of mystery into the song, turning it from a traditional Southern-rock anthem to enthralling lyrics about human relations and odd survival methods.

The listeners find themselves in a world where generations meet, secrets hide behind the facade of every day’s life. Elyashiv’s evocative storytelling and his raw, heartfelt vocals bring out the way of life in Southern living, a theme that is celebrated by “What’s In The Bamboo?”

Featuring a timeless sound and some perennial themes, Joshua Elyashiv is sure to get his point across as this single fastens listeners on him as part of the Southern gurus.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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