Kapture Colloborates with Groovyie on a new sing called “Residuals”


“Residuals” is the name of a new, encouraging track that was created by Kapture in collaboration with Groovyie, a hypnotic storyteller and lyricist who regularly causes people to raise their eyebrows. The song was produced by Sam J Garfield, who is competent in his field.

“Residuals” leaves nothing behind with its unashamed, seductive self-assuredness and the confident flair that Kapture and her collaborators are rapidly becoming famous for.

This Pop-Rap tune has been given a breezy and unrestrained atmosphere thanks to the energetic syncopation of the percussion and the melodic choices made by both of the vocals. The natural flow of Kapture and Groovyie’s lyrical tendencies is not disrupted by the flawless exchange of raps between the two artists, which highlights the fortunate juxtaposition of the two artists’ creative approaches. Both show a forceful, self-assured delivery and steadfast purpose, while at the same time maintaining their own tonalities and different aesthetic expressions, which provides listeners with an unexpectedly formidable combo.

A photo of Kapture

The melodic arrangement of the track is infectious, with the percussion and drum sequences infusing a distinct Hip-hop tune with a hint of African flair. The interludes and shifts in the music are equally remarkable, relieving built-up tension and leaving you craving more of the composition.

In today’s ever-evolving Hip-hop landscape, Kapture has demonstrated, through ‘Residuals,’ her ability to keep her musical style current. The production on the song is nothing short of brilliant, achieving exceptional blending of both the instrumental and vocal elements. The mastering process is also flawlessly executed, elevating this composition into a magnificent masterpiece that any aficionado of Hip-hop music would be eager to groove to.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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