SKY-HI and BE:FIRST releases Split Single ‘Sarracenia / Salvia’ as Theme Songs for Netflix’s Anime series “Baki Hanma” Season 2 – The Father vs. Son Sag


Japanese rapper, producer, and BMSG CEO SKY-HI releases the highly anticipated single for the highly anticipated Netflix anime “Baki Hanma” Season 2 – “The Father vs. Son,” featuring the captivating opening theme, “Sarracenia,” written and performed by SKY-HI, and the moving ending theme, “Salvia,” expertly crafted by BE:FIRST, a 7-member dance and vocal group.

Japanese composer and “Baki Hanma” fan Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai was invited to develop “Sarracenia.” (SKY-HI is a manga fan).

In “Sarracenia,” SKY-HI examines Baki Hanma’s formidable father, Yujiro Hanma’s deep ideas on masculinity and strength. The song seamlessly blends SKY-HI’s emotive vocals with resonant sounds to present a captivating tale. Like the song, the music video is a fascinating cinematic journey through Yujiro Hanma’s complicated thoughts and emotions as brought to life by SKY-HI.

However, BE:FIRST’s “Salvia.” features Baki Hanma, the Baki series’ protagonist. The lyrics, penned by SKY-HI, reveal Baki Hanma’s strong goals. They vividly depict Baki’s ravenous thirst for power by having each member interpret the song in their own musical manner. A chemical mix of the track’s sorrow and sharpness creates an emotionally powerful song.

Both ‘Sarracenia’ and ‘Salvia’ use the identical voice sample to show the’same blood’ link. BE:FIRST, SKY-HI’s musical progeny, and SKY-HI, a musician and producer, brilliantly coupled the theme songs for “Baki Hanma” Season 2 – The Father vs. Son Saga”.
Itagaki produced “Baki Hanma” the popular Japanese comic. Global audiences may watch the Netflix anime adaptation. “Baki Hanma’s” second season launched on Netflix in July and topped the “TOP TV Shows on Netflix” worldwide daily rating on July 28 and 29. FlixPortal claims this is the first time a Japanese show has topped the daily worldwide ranking.

They say the sky’s the limit. SKY-HI shows Japanese music’s potential. Being BMSG’s CEO and a producer shows his adaptability. In addition to singing, he dances, produces rhythms and tunes, and raps seductively.
Mitsuhiro Hidaka (SKY-HI) debuted in AAA and began his solo career in 2005.

SKY-HI. SKY-HI first performed in Tokyo’s underground bars and other public locations, where he quickly garnered hip-hop fame and recognition.
Six solo albums have followed SKY-HI’s 2013 big label debut, including “THE DEBUT.”

In 2020, he formed and became CEO of BMSG. He created BE:FIRST in the same year after creating “THE FIRST,” a boy band audition system. Japanese music fans got BE:FIRST from SKY-HI in 2021. As MAZZEL, BMSG’s second dance and singing group debuted earlier this year. His first solo arena tour, “SKY-HI ARENA TOUR 2023 “BOSSDOM,” was in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

SKY-HI’s record label, BMSG, manages BE:FIRST, a dancing and singing group including SOTA, SHUNTO, MANATO, RYUHEI, JUNON, RYOKI, and LEO. The choreography and lyrics show the group’s musical sensibility and individual singing, dancing, and rapping skills. Everyone is attractive because of their uniqueness. Beginning before their debut, this seven-piece band known as BE:FIRST has dominated Japanese charts. They are now confidently heading for Asia and the globe.

Listen Below.

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