Kenri Louis unveils captivating single “CHERRY” redefining love boundaries


In 2019, Kenri Louis burst onto the music scene with his debut single “BODYO”, a precursor to the subsequent releases of “LIFE IS SO PRECIOUS” and “INNA ME HEAD” in 2020.

Carrying his momentum forward, he unveiled “STRANGE LOVE” in 2021. This journey was further amplified by the simultaneous airing of his music on Trace Caribbean TV, expanding his reach to corners of the globe including South America, South Africa, and the USA.

At this juncture, Kenri Louis’s musical evolution presents a deeply refined creative persona. Skillfully weaving together melodies from his Caribbean roots and intertwining them with lyrics derived from various English “patois” or “slang”, including Creole, the result is an exquisite tapestry that reflects Kenri Louis’s lyrical thought process, harmonized with Afro Caribbean beats.

Fresh off the press, Kenri Louis’s latest single, “CHERRY,” is a tantalizing preview of his debut EP “JOURNEY,” slated for release on November 11th. The track beckons listeners into an extraordinary love narrative that defies conventional boundaries.

A tale of affection grappling with the challenges of Time and Distance in parallel worlds, held together by a desire as tantalizing as a forbidden “cherry” fruit.

This sensual and emotionally charged composition is meant to be shared with one’s cherished partner, encouraging them to sway, revel in life, and revel in love.

“CHERRY” is available now, inviting audiences to delve into this mesmerizing musical experience. As Kenri Louis continues to carve his mark in the music industry, his ability to blend diverse influences into a harmonious whole sets the stage for a promising artistic journey ahead.

Listen on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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