Meet The Modalities’ Captivating Sound Blends ’60s Poetry with ’90s Grit in Modern Manchester”


Embedded within the lively musical tapestry of Manchester, The Modalities flawlessly interlace the graceful poetry reminiscent of ’60s songwriters like Simon & Garfunkel and Leonard Cohen with the raw intensity of ’90s Mancunian bands, such as Oasis and The Stone Roses.

The enchanting synergy between Mark’s masterful guitar melodies and Chris’s soul-stirring vocals crafts an auditory landscape that whisks listeners on a timeless voyage.

Their artistry not only pays homage to bygone eras but also firmly positions them within the contemporary indie sphere.

Their fateful encounter? A serendipitous rendezvous at a buzzing open mic night, where harmonious notes led to shared aspirations.

Amidst the rich cadence of beloved vinyl records, poetic verses, and a mutual reverence for profound songcraft, Mark and Chris nurtured a friendship and musical collaboration within the intimate enclaves of Mancunian pubs.

Yet, The Modalities are more than just purveyors of melodies; they are gifted storytellers. Their lyrics, infused with profound emotions, unfurl narratives of love, life, and the myriad moments in between.

Their inaugural single, “Already Gone,” stands as a testament to their lyrical finesse. Meticulously mixed by the renowned Jim Spencer (known for his work with CHARLATANS, JOHNY MARR, NEW ORDER), this track resonates with both the nostalgia of yesteryears and the vibrant essence of contemporary Manchester.

Beyond delivering music, The Modalities offer immersive experiences that come to life through their evocative words and harmonies. Each chord and verse solidifies Mark and Chris’s stature as modern-day troubadours of Manchester.

Their journey unfolds as an ever-evolving narrative, one that beckons listeners to tune in and be captivated.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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