London’s Dream Rock Band, Rats-Tails Making Waves with Their New Song ‘Coke in the 70s’


Rats-Tails, a band from London that mixes indie-rock with dream-pop, just released their new song “Coke in the 70s.”

“Coke in the 70s” talks about a tough time in one of the band member’s life, but they turned it into something positive. They also made a cool music video for the song that looks like a mix of Top of the Pops and David Lynch.

The band has various musical influences, like Ennio Morricone, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Metallica, and My Bloody Valentine.

Rats-Tails was formed by singer/songwriter Courtney and guitarist Chris during the isolation of 2020. Later, they were joined by Bassist Sam and Clarinetist Frankie D. Since their debut single, “Spines,” released in early 2022, Rats-Tails has been making waves in the London music scene, with sold-out headline gigs at venues like The George Tavern and The Windmill Brixton.

A Picture of Rat-Tails Band Members

The band’s sound has evolved from its initial 90s dream pop influence, inspired by bands like The Cranberries and The Cure, into a dream rock sound. However, they continue to explore and blend various genres in their music.

Rats-Tails recently recorded a live performance session at Crouch End Studios for the “In The Yard” project in collaboration with Islington Radio, set to air in mid-September. Furthermore, they will be special guests on the Baba Ali Radio show on September 19th, discussing their latest single, “Coke in the 70s.”

Their band story is interesting. Courtney and Chris met in 2019. The band formed during the COVID-19 lockdown. Max and Sam joined later.

Rats-Tails work hard to make their songs perfect. They’re patient and like trying different types of music. This makes their dream rock sound special.

Listen to “Coke in the 70s” on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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