Alannah Moar is back with a new upbeat song titled “Reciprocate”


Scottish folk-pop singer Alannah Moar is back with a new upbeat song titled “Reciprocate.” She wrote this brand-new song on her own, and it has a warm, upbeat vibe that reminds of a stunning sunset. Her distinctive singing technique gives the song a strong pop vibe.

“Reciprocate” is actually one of Alannah’s very first songs she wrote when she was just 14 years old. It talks about a tricky situation in a relationship where your feelings and thoughts don’t agree. It’s about feeling like you should be with someone else even if it’s not the best choice. But even though it’s a sad topic, the song still sounds happy and will make you want to dance along.

Alannah Moar is from Glasgow, but she originally comes from Orkney. She’s not just a singer; she’s also really good at making music and singing. She likes to call her music “dramatic folk-pop.”

Alannah Moar looks up to artists like Fleetwood Mac, Dodie, Taylor Swift, and Gabrielle Aplin. Her music has lovely singing, bright guitars, and dreamy synths that make it sound special.

Alannah Moar

She has performed with famous artists like KT Tunstall, Callum Beattie, Amanda Palmer, and The Eves. She’s been praised as Resonate’s artist of the week twice and was even nominated for Single of the Year at the 2022 Weekender Awards.

Talking about how “Reciprocate” changed over time. Alannah  said, “I wrote this song a long time ago when I was just 14. Later on, I needed more songs for my music collection, and I felt like I had run out of ideas. So, I went back to this old song. Even though the lyrics weren’t great, I still liked the melodies. So, I decided to add a new story to it.”

The new story in the song is about being in a relationship with one person who is right for you but wanting to be with someone else who might not be the best choice. Alannah understands how the person stuck in the middle must feel, even though they’re not the main victim.

Alannah also enjoys working on the production of her songs. She thinks of it like solving a puzzle or cooking a meal. She likes working with other people too because they can make a song magical. But she also likes having control over how the song turns out.

Listen on Spotify below.

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Barbie Edonia


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