Mardeee Releases Highly Anticipated Single “Company”


Singer-songwriter Mardeee has taken the music world by storm his latest release  “Company.”

This record serves as a milestone in Mardeee’s artistic evolution, captivating audiences with his exceptional talent and magnetic presence.

Having made a remarkable impact within the music scene as an independent artist, Mardeee has garnered major interest for his captivating vibes he brings to his music, from the infectious hooks and melodies.

His previous releases “Candy”, “WAYO”, “Gotta Let You Know”, and fan favourite “Come My Way” has showcased his talent as a songwriter and as an artist who delivers vibes that is appealing to a mass audience.

“Company” is yet another testament to Mardeee’s remarkable artistry. The track combines catchy rhythms, stellar vocals, and catchy lyrics, creating an immersive musical experience that gets his listeners dancing.

Mardeee’s exceptional delivery of an appealing, fun vibe to a wide range of audiences shines through, inviting audiences to enter into Mardeee’s world of “vibing out”.

Speaking about the upcoming release, Muis expressed his excitement, stating, “’Company’ is a record that many people can relate to that conveys a message of unwavering love, commitment, and the desire to be the constant source of comfort and company for the person they love, regardless of any financial success. I’m excited to share this record with my fans for them yet again get insight into my past relationships and how my past relationships can help them with their own relationships all the while grooving to the record as well.”

With “Company”, Mardeee makes a mark on his sound for his fans and the rest of the world to know, captivating audiences and solidifying his position as a talent to watch.

Listen below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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