Eva Westphal shares personal experiences in “Adult,” aiming to inspire others


US-based vocalist Eva Westphal discusses what she might have accomplished as a youngster in a brand-new song titled “Adult,”

With her new song, Eva Westphal hopes to share her inner thoughts with listeners, particularly other LGBTG+ individuals, women, persons with strong emotions, and those who have survived or endured abuse as children.

“Adult” is the most intimate song Westphal has ever recorded, and she hopes that it reaches the people who need to hear it and feel heard. She also wants listeners to realize that even if they have ever experienced suffering, they can still find peace and strength regardless of when it occurred.

Eva, who prefers that the majority of her tracks be produced and engineered by women, recruited other women to serve in such roles. Women were involved in the song’s writing, production, mixing, and mastering; collaborating with her longtime producer KAIYI, Samantha Henry for the mixing, and Gabi Grella for the mastering.

Eva tells us what she would have done if she could go back in time to be a teenager, stating that she “would wake her up at 7 am, make her breakfast, sit with her while she finished it, and bring her to the school bus; I would drive her to a party and tuck her into bed.”

Promises she made to her inner child and kept today are the chorus’s main theme: The adult version of her younger self reminds her that what occurred wasn’t her fault, and she yells her narrative instead of keeping it quiet and refuses to comply when people urge her to be silent.

The lyrics to the song are so simple and easy to grasp, and it is such a soothing music. Additionally, it includes a hint of pop music, which will put listeners in a very tranquil and laid-back frame of mind.

Her smooth and sweet voice accompanied by the sweet sound of the acoustic blended so well creating some harmonies and sweet melodies.

Stream “Adult” on Spotify below.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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