Marlon Bianco Comes Through With A new Song Called “She can’t Leave me Here”


The new song by the up-and-coming pop singer Marlon Bianco titled “She Can’t Leave Me Here” is finally out.
The song is centered on the emotions of romance, sorrow, and hope and it has a dream-pop/chill sort of feelings, with extremely serene layers of sounds with a touch of hip hop percussion beneath it all. It blends two different piano riffs, one that is extremely ancient and dates back many years, and another that is more recent and was inspired by a shift in Marco’s life.

“She Can’t Leave Me Here” has a vibe that is both chill and mysterious, as if it came from another universe. Marlon Bianco delivers effortlessly with a very soft voice which contributes to the feeling of being revitalized that the song evokes.

A photo of Marlon Bianco

Marlon began composing the song one day, most likely in the month of May 2023, when a friend gave him a video in which the friend played an old riff he had composed when he was a teenager. Marlon was inspired to write the song after hearing the riff played in the video. That riff was always a favorite of the friend. In light of the fact that he was unable of playing the piano at the time and still is today, he devised three chords that he played in a continuous loop. Since he had always found the progression of those three chords to be appealing, he thought that the moment had come to incorporate them into a song.

When discussing this remarkable composition, it is very necessary to give due credit to the high standard of craftsmanship that was used in the production process that resulted in it. This music has been given a very professional mixing and mastering work, which has led to a sound that is exceptionally distinct and unmistakable as a consequence. Also how the instruments were mixed and utilized made the whole song feel like a life performance giving it a chill night vibe.

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Barbie Edonia


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