The Los Angeles husband-wife indie pop duo Grace & Moji released their third single, “Tipping Point.”


The husband-wife independent pop duo Grace & Moji, originating from the city of Los Angeles, unveiled their third musical creation, “Tipping Point.” This melodic offering falls into the atmospheric, unplugged indie folk-pop genre, immersing the audience in a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of the indie music era spanning from 2000 to 2010. The song gradually assembles towards a grandiose cinematic climax, only to then transition into a haunting solo performance on the guitar, leaving the listener both elevated and contemplative.

In the verses, Grace & Moji employ delicate plucking on the acoustic guitar, taking turns to eloquently recount their narrative. During the chorus, they harmoniously unite to sing about fortitude, togetherness, and the unwavering resolve not to relinquish their connection.

A photo Of Grace & Moji

Grace & Moji extends optimism and reassurance to those involved in relationships teetering on the edge of disintegration, emphasizing the prospect of improvement by holding onto hope, love, and resilience. Grace explicates, “Tipping Point” encapsulates the tumultuous nature of communication and the challenges it entails, accompanied by poignant moments of commitment to resolution.

Crafted in the aftermath of the most trying phase in their own marital journey, Grace & Moji designed this song to echo the unfiltered emotions of determination and vulnerability. Employing gentle acoustic guitar plucking in the verses, the duo alternates in narrating their story, ultimately converging in the chorus to emphasize their shared determination, unity, and unwavering commitment.

As Moji articulates, “‘Tipping Point’ provided an outlet for us to express those sentiments during a critical juncture, ultimately aiding us in achieving a full recovery.” The song serves as a therapeutic means to reignite fading love in couples and relationships on the brink of disintegration, imbuing them with the prospect of mutual understanding and the triumph of love.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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