Michael Waite addresses the bittersweet emotions many people feel during the holiday season in his new song “Me and My Cat at Christmastime”


Michael Waite’s “Me and My Cat at Christmastime” is an emotionally wrenching and touching tribute to the mixed feelings many people experience while celebrating the holidays without a loved one. By injecting the story with humor, Waite offers a fresh take on this issue, resulting in a song that is both genuine and accessible.

This song is about the melancholy that some people feel over the holidays, particularly those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Despite the gloom, Waite adds humor to provide a nuanced and authentic depiction of the range of feelings people go through at this season. The song explores the irony of loneliness in a world where connections seem numerous, controlled by social media.

Michael Waite’s goal as a songwriter is to validate his audience’s emotions and let them know they are not alone; his work extends beyond just making music. Those dealing with the stresses of the holiday season find peace and understanding in the song, which becomes a reassuring friend.

Bringing a variety of musical experience to his creations, Waite sings, writes, and plays guitar. A varied musical journey is reflected in his experience in voice performance and his distinctive fifteen-year Taco Tuesday engagement. A quest for joy and completeness is central to Waite’s music, which is characterized by a mix of traditional singer-songwriter techniques with an examination of the subtleties of daily living.

Even though it’s about a sad subject, “Me and My Cat at Christmastime” demonstrates Waite’s talent for combining narration with music in a way that appeals to many. The song humorously and empathetically accepts the truth of holiday loneliness rather than avoiding it.

Not only is Waite gifted as a singer and songwriter, but his training as a jazz trombonist also influences his vocal improvisations, giving his music an extra creative dimension. His arrangements are made richer by this jazz influence, which gives his singer/songwriter style a new and unique tone.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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