Walter Venniro once again demonstrates his commitment to the essence of Rock with his new single “TOTOI”


Walter Venniro, known for his distinctive blend of Garage and Punk Rock, brings a blood passion style to the forefront, revitalizing the spirit of Rock for enthusiasts who believe in the timeless axiom that “Rock Never Dies.” Venniro’s musical identity is characterized by a raw, instinctive melody that is immediately catchy and unabashedly naked. This signature style serves as a trademark, easily recognizable by lovers of the genre.

In his latest offering, “TOTOI,” Walter Venniro once again demonstrates his commitment to the essence of Rock. The track exudes the essence of “Live Rock,” capturing an intense and scratchy warmth in Venniro’s vocals. The engaging sounds, coupled with an unmistakable rhythm, invite listeners into a captivating sonic experience that beckons for repeated plays.

While Venniro’s musical journey may have started with his first single back in ’97, the essence of that bloody and instinctive track remains ingrained in his musical DNA. It becomes a recurring motif, finding its place comfortably within the artist’s discography. This dynamism and sonority, which have never been in question, converge to create a sound that makes Walter Venniro unmistakable, not only in Italy but also on the international stage.

The appeal of Venniro’s music lies not only in its authenticity but also in its ability to resonate beyond borders. His distinctive choices, unwavering commitment to a unique style, and a magnetic musical charisma have garnered appreciation even abroad. In a landscape where originality is cherished, Walter Venniro stands out as an artist whose music is a testament to the conviction of style and an unwavering passion for Rock.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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