MOCTAR Unleashes Infectious Afrobeat-Afropop Single ‘Loco’


“MOCTAR Unleashes Infectious Afrobeat-Afropop Single ‘Loco’ with Captivating Melodies and Mesmerizing Vocals”

MOCTAR, a talented singer-songwriter of Senegalese origin residing in France, is set to captivate music lovers with his latest release, the Afrobeat-Afropop single titled “Loco.” This vibrant track embodies the essence of Afrobeat, offering irresistible rhythms and sun-soaked melodies that transport listeners to a festive and energetic atmosphere.

“Loco” is a true invitation to dance, seamlessly blending contemporary influences with authentic elements of the genre. MOCTAR’s unique voice brings a distinct and memorable personality to the song, adding a special touch to the overall composition. The lyrics delve into universal themes of love, passion, and seduction, resonating deeply with audiences.

The pre-release of “Loco” has already garnered enthusiastic acclaim, receiving praise and positive feedback from both listeners and industry experts. Its catchy rhythm and carefully crafted musical arrangements create an addictive and engaging listening experience.

MOCTAR’s musical journey has been a fascinating one. Initially entering the music world in 2007, he took a hiatus to pursue higher education and establish a professional career.

However, his passion for music never waned, and in 2021, amidst a global health crisis that prompted personal introspection, he decided to reignite his creative fire. This soul-searching process led to a renewed focus, valuing simplicity, self-expression, and authenticity.

With two EPs and several singles under his belt, MOCTAR has developed a captivating musical style that seamlessly blends diverse influences, resulting in catchy and melodic compositions.

His return to the music scene showcases his unique vocal prowess and poignant songwriting, exploring themes of love, freedom, and self-acceptance that resonate universally.

“Loco” serves as a testament to MOCTAR’s talent and musical evolution, presenting a compelling blend of Afrobeat and Afropop that is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

This infectious single promises to transport you to a world of irresistible grooves and captivating melodies.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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