Morgan Cassius, a gospel superstar, combines jazz, soul, and R&B to deliver powerful music “Never say never”


Morgan Cassius, a contemporary gospel superstar from the pulsating streets of South London, United Kingdom, is praised for her spellbinding vocal competence and a genre-defying fusion of jazz, soul, and R&B.

With a musical style that often draws parallels to the iconic Sadé and the soulful India Arie, Morgan has created a sonic signature that’s entirely her own.

Amid the joyful echoes of local churches, Morgan’s inaugural single release, ‘Never Say Never’, has become a beacon of inspiration. The single not only showcases her impressive vocal range but also serves as a conduit for the profound messages she conveys through her music.

Her live performances have been compelling, allowing fans to feel a strong connection to her spiritual and emotional artistry as she celebrates the release of her single.

It got to some point and she was forced to choose between a career in music and teaching at a crucial crossroads in her life, she heard God telling her not to be afraid to take chances.

Despite her fears, she took that leap of faith, leading to a cascade of divine blessings that she attributes to her unwavering trust.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Morgan’s lyrical prowess has been honed over a decade of dedication. Her songwriting is a tapestry of words described as “vibrant, absorbing, and full of life.”

Audiences fortunate enough to experience her performances are swept away by a rollercoaster of emotions as they resonate with the genuine Christian themes and raw life experiences that infuse her music.

Acknowledging her remarkable talent, Morgan earned recognition as a semi-finalist in the prestigious ‘BBC Songs of Praise, Gospel Singer of the Year 2022’ competition.

Undeterred by success, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of musical excellence, diligently crafting her next project while actively curating a calendar filled with live performances, engagements, and appearances.

For those captivated by the sounds of Terrian, Aaron Cole, Kirk Franklin, and CeCe Winans, Morgan Cassius offers an auditory adventure that beckons exploration.

Her music tells a lot about the transformative power of faith, and listeners are encouraged to immerse themselves in her enchanting melodies, available across major streaming platforms.

Stay connected with this rising star through her vibrant presence on social media, where her journey continues.

Listen in Spotify below.



Written by
Barbie Edonia


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