Musician Undressd collaborate with AI Asta on an inspiring track ‘Field of Gold’


Undressd earned a name for themselves in 2019 with their modern cover of Alphaville’s song “Forever Young.” This contemporary rendition of the old standard not only has racked up an incredible 60 million streams, but it has also been awarded many platinum certifications.

Additionally, it got the distinction of being one of the songs that was played on Swedish radio the most frequently during that particular year. The goal of Undressd is crystal clear: to infuse timeless masterpieces with new and exciting vitality.

The fact that he worked with Asta on the song “Fields of Gold” is the most recent evidence of his dedication to this objective.

This updated rendition of the much-loved classic is now available for purchase by music fans as well as those who work in the industry.

It is an exciting example of the fascinating combination of artistic prowess and cutting-edge technology, demonstrating the incredible possibilities that emerge when creativity crosses with artificial intelligence.

The instrumentation of the song is nothing short of moving to the core, and it takes the listener on a spiritually elevating auditory journey.

Undressd and Asta have created a version of the classic that is genuinely one of a kind by expertly combining human inventiveness with computer-generated voices in a completely seamless way. To ensure that “Fields of Gold” continues to resonate with audiences of all ages and generations, this one-of-a-kind rendition pays tribute to the original while also infusing it with a contemporary, artificial intelligence-driven sound.

Listen on Spotify below

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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