Analyzing Kelsie Kimberlin’s ‘We Are The Promise’: A Musical Rebellion Against Authoritarianism


Kelsie Kimberlin, who is both American and Ukrainian, has shared a new song called ‘We Are The Promise,’ where she tells a strong story against a type of government control called authoritarianism.

In “We Are The Promise,” Kelsie Kimberlin talks about a world in which music is outlawed, much like a precious secret that you aren’t permitted to own. By defying the social norm of silence and refraining from creating music, musicians run the risk of grave penalties, including death. “We Are The Promise” is therefore Kelsie Kimberlin’s way of rebelling through music or making firm promise to stand strong and fight against oppressive forces until they’re completely defeated.  I believe this song will be the perfect anthem for those who refuse to let anyone silence them or take away their freedom. It is also a powerful declaration of unity and determination against any form of oppression.

What made the song stand out to me is its intensity and how all the instruments played came out well and clearly. The chorus and backings sounds so cool and airy; the mixing of the song is just amazing too. The song has a moderate-paced beat that gives off a strong feeling, which also reflect the urgency of a society pushed to its limits. Kelsie’s singing was superb, along with the electric guitar and drums, acts like a rallying cry for those who are determined not to give up.  The singing goes high, with strong beats and sweeping melodies, making you feel a sense of urgency and defiance in every sound. The song gets stronger and stronger, reaching intense moments, moving steadily towards a big finish.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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