Exploring the Transformative Sounds of Sherrita Duran’s Latest Album ‘Remnant Song’


Sherrita Duran emerges as the voice of the soul, reaching towards the heavens with her latest album, “Remnant Song.” This transformative musical journey, available online, intertwines prayer and original compositions, weaving a tapestry of emotions that transcend earthly chaos.

With “Remnant Song,” Sherrita Duran converts prayers, tears, and hopes into melodic offerings of worship, joy, encouragement, and strength. As a captivating artist, she invents an emotional formula that transcends the mundane, rediscovering herself in the blissful embrace of a true state of grace.

Crafted primarily between 2020 and 2021, the songs in the album confront the darkness of lockdown, illuminated by what Sherrita fondly describes as her “field of songs.” This intimate realm explores meditation, leisurely walks with her faithful canine companion, and the transcendent whispers of living nature.

In her compositions, Sherrita humbly recites, “O Jesus… you are my peace when the world begins to crumble around me. You are my anchor in this stormy sea. I will not be moved because you are the one who preserves me.” These poignant words echo the depths of her spiritual journey and the solace found in her unwavering faith.

Sherrita Duran, a California native with a voice as warm as her homeland, possesses a soft and velvety tone that captivates listeners. Boasting an endless range and impeccable technique, she exhibits remarkable versatility across various musical styles. Music critic Mario Luzzatto Fegiz aptly describes her as “an acrobatic soprano, a force of nature capable of combining bel canto with black music.”

Born and raised in Fresno, California, Sherrita’s artistic journey takes her to Los Angeles, where she graduates in Opera, Music, and Vocal Arts from the University of Southern California. Early in her career, she graces the stage at the Los Angeles Opera – Music Center, showcasing her prodigious talent and tackling an extensive repertoire that spans opera, pop, gospel, jazz, soul, dance, hip-hop, and musicals. Sherrita Duran stands not just as a singer but as a musical alchemist, blending diverse genres and spiritual dimensions in her sonic creations.

Stream full album below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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