New Horizons Worship Drops New Single, “Leaving Empty”


New Horizons Worship, Trace Vining, and Hannah Buckner Shoop announce the release of their newest single, Leaving Empty. Leaving Empty features the songwriting chops and lead vocal of Trace Vining as well as Hannah Buckner Shoop. This song has been in the songwriting rounds for several years, but it started in the prayer room, where Trace simply wanted to pour out worship and praise at the feet of Jesus.

“This song is about costly worship. The widow giving her last mite. Expensive perfume poured on the feet of Jesus. David dancing undignified. These examples we behold of radical abandonment to the Worthy One. The ultimate example is Jesus—Who emptied Himself on our behalf (Phil. 2:7). And as we behold His sacrifice, we are compelled to do the same. To pour our lives out at His feet, that He would receive all the glory and honor.
We pray this song stirs up radical surrender and worship in you as you behold King Jesus! ”

Stream the song below

About New Horizons Worship:

NEW HORIZONS WORSHIP is a collective of artists, musicians, and creatives. We place a high value on relationships within the Kingdom of God family. What we create and and how we lead flows not only from that value, but also from what the Lord is doing in our lives as individuals, as well as in our local church. We strongly believe that as the Body of Christ corporately seeks Jesus and the Kingdom of God, it will impact our community and the nations.
We strive to foster a vulnerable and sincere worship environment, desiring to know God and experience His presence! This drives our creative process and a daily lifestyle of individual and corporate worship. Stay connected with New Horizons Worship and don’t miss their future releases.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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